Unique Gifts

Gift giving brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Sadly, many gifts end up set aside and forgotten soon after they are received. This is especially true for children who receive gifts from so many friends and relatives that they can’t possibly use them all, much less remember who gave what. For a gift that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, consider some unique gift ideas that keep on giving throughout the year.

Magazine subscriptions make wonderful gifts for all ages and are enjoyed each time a new issue arrives in the mail. Children love getting mail and will be especially delighted to receive their favorite magazine each month.

There are magazines for all kinds of hobbies, interests and sports activities. Choosing the right subscription to give shouldn’t be difficult. When the subscription is purchased, a gift card is usually issued to announce the gift to the recipient.

There are some unique gift ideas that an entire family can use throughout the year. Family passes to the zoo or water park can be enjoyed over and over and give families fun, quality time together.

A gym membership is another excellent gift that keeps on giving. It works for an individual or a family. If a full membership is too pricey, most gyms offer additional options such as aerobics, yoga or other exercise classes.

One unique gift idea is the experience gift. This gift provides the recipient an opportunity to participate in some spectacular event or fantasy. It is perfect for the person with everything. Although the experience gift is a one-time activity, the excitement and thrills from this unusual gift will create lasting memories.

Experiences ranging from driving a real racecar to spending a relaxing day at a spa are available to suit almost any pocketbook. Experiences are also available for specific age groups such as children and teenagers.

Giving a gift that continues giving throughout the year shows that the giver really cares. It might be easier to make a quick stop at a department store to pick up some standard gift, but after the gifts are opened the unique gift ideas will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.